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Pharm D Program Director

Dr. Sherif Kamal RPh, Msc,DHCM, Pharmacy Programs Director – Health sciences Academy – sherif.kamal@57357.org


Program Administrative Team

Nermine Elmoshneb – Director of Administration – Health Sciences Academy – nermine.elmoshneb@57357.org


experiential Training

The experiential training curriculum begins within the didactic curriculum, where we provide introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE). Students start with a 1-week session in 57357 at the beginning of the program.
Upon completion of the IPPE and online didactic curriculum, the experiential program continues with advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs), in a variety of practice areas.

Elective APPE rotations may be selected from a variety of 57357 subspecialties, such as neurology, nutrition, infectious diseases, critical care, psychiatry and/ or other elective rotation choices such as pharmaceutical care projects, education, administration, industry and clinical research. All APPE rotations are completed on a full-time basis.

Didactic curriculum

This didactic curriculum, focuses on a combination of professional skills courses (e.g. Evidence-based Medicine, Interprofessional Education, Clinical Capstone, and others) and pharmacotherapy courses, which are the core of the didactic curriculum.  Pharmacotherapy courses address the pathophysiology, advanced pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics and professional skills development specific to the disease state.
Students fulfill the credit hours through live and online didactic courses. Online didactic courses are delivered in a format which requires one to two hours of “class time” per credit hours each week, plus one to two hours to complete assignments. Additional study time is student specific.

Admission criteria

57 HSA PharmD Program is open to pharmacists who possess an undergraduate degree in pharmacy from any national or international approved or accredited college or university program. Applicants must be licensed pharmacists or license eligible. Successful applicants must also demonstrate a desire and commitment to expand patient-centered pharmacy care. There is no minimum grade point average (GPA) to apply to the 57 HSA PharmD Program. Program policies require background checks (fingerprint) for all students upon admission.

Students begin the 57 HSA PharmD Program in the summer semester. Applications are accepted at any time for the 57 HAS PharmD Program, provided the application is received prior to the application deadline of March 31st. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then the deadline will be the next business day. Please contact the Director of Student Services if there are concerns about meeting the application deadline. Applications received after the March 31st deadline will be considered for the following admissions cycle. Acceptance into the 57 HSA PharmD Program will be honored for one year from the start of the summer semester; otherwise, the applicant will be required to reapply.

All students in the 57 HSA PharmD Program are subject to all program policies. A full list of these policies is located on the Policies and Procedures website page.

To apply to the 57 HSA PharmD Program, applicants must complete ALL of the application materials listed below by the March 31st deadline. Only completed applications will be considered for admission.

Pharm D Program

Pharm D program Mission

In collaboration with University of Colorado we will deliver a pharm D program aiming to prepare graduates to be competent, ethical, contemporary and compassionate practicing pharmacists. They will be committed to active involvement in the advancement of the pharmacy profession and dedicated to fulfilling the public trust by assuming responsibility for optimizing patient care through provision of appropriate drug therapy and by assuring the safe, effective and efficient use of drug products and drug delivery systems.

Program description

Successful students will complete 67.5 credit hours of didactic and experiential coursework and graduate with a PharmD degree offered by 57HSA in collaboration with University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
The program is designed to improve clinical care and medication therapy management skills
This program is a postgraduate 2 years program consisting of:

  1. One year and a half online didactic course with live didactic activities in 57357
  2. experiential training (including IPPE and APPE) throughout the two years under supervision of 57357 preceptors

We will start the program in May 2018 with 10 candidates
The applicant will need to sit for two part exam as a prerequisite
The Program includes distance-based didactic courses taught by CU faculty members and live experiential (IPPE and APPE) training which require students to come to 57357 during the curriculum. During these visits, students complete program requirements through live experiential activities. The first live session includes orientation and a five day on-site training, which provides in-person interaction, individualized education and support, and introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs) and OSCE evaluations. After completing the didactic courses and IPPEs, students complete advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotations in 57357.

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