It was of utmost importance for 57357 Healthcare Sciences Academy to adopt a different approach in teaching and learning. During the early starts of the Academy, we looked into different education methodologies and theories to select the most suitable ones to our philosophy, vision and mission. It became quite clear that we are looking for a way to create leaders and change agents that will be able to change the face of healthcare not only in Egypt, but in Africa and the Middle East as well. Our Education experts found out that Transformative Learning would be the most appropriate methodology, which would allow us to realize our strategies.

Transformative Learning

There are three levels of learning:

Informative Learning      

Is about acquiring knowledge and skills; its purpose is to produce experts

Formative Learning

Is about socializing student around values; its purpose is to produce professionals

Transformative Learning

Is about developing leadership attributes; its purpose is to produce enlightened change agents and innovators

The 57357 Institution takes pride in having pursued to integrate the transformative learning dimension into its HSA training programs. In contemporary societies we must learn to make our own interpretations rather than act on the purposes, beliefs, judgments, and feelings of others. . Transformative learning develops autonomous thinking. As such, all HSA programs are designed to train adherents to engage in improving the performance of their own health systems and adapting knowledge to specific contexts, while integrating global findings in an increasingly interdependent world. Moreover transformative learning enables trainees to receive a more rounded training and prepares them to become real change agents in their fields and communities.  The transformative learning module will ensure attainment of the following nine competencies: Field Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Manager, Leader, Healthcare Advocate, Scientist, Professional and Ethicist.